Lan-Star: Brilliant, beautiful and bright

Friday, October 5th 2018

The brightest light in the night sky was shining down from the balcony at The Fly. This was an amazing evening with beautiful friends to celebrate our brilliant young Creative Director, Lan (also known as Star). It was time to lower the curtains, turn on the mood lighting, and party hard. The best guests arrived for drinking and dancing and an impromptu musical jam session even broke out, featuring two guitarists, a drummer and a violinist.

We caught up with acquaintances and made new connections. The event was advertised as a ‘kinda surprise’ party – expect to get krrruuuunnnkkkeddd. Lannie accepted presents of wine, liquor, beer, money, and books. But the greatest surprise of the night was Kal’s special gift for Lan, a pair of matching ‘Number One Fan’ T-shirts for each other. Meme time.

Added up this made Friday October 5th 2018 a night to remember.

Check out some spectacular images ** photography by Portraits on White ** see gallery:

For more, view the full photo gallery album.

Happy birthday to Lannie. We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

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