PD Summer Getaway 2017

Balm Beach trip and tings!

August 19th-22nd 2017

The PDT embarked on a journey to the Gamma Quadrant on Georgian Bay. This time for a three night excursion to Balm Beach. A scenic town with a quaint strip of shops and restaurants along the sandy shores. Imagine Wasaga Beach but at 1/15th the size. Our core team and extended family, including two uncles from Germany and USA, arrived ready to catch some serious waves.

Life’s a beach

Our host venue was Sunport Beach Resort, we took up three rooms there: Room’s A, B, and C, each with its own unique character and charm. As the team bonded over Steve Monite ballads and veggie straws, it wasn’t all rest-and-relaxation because we also participated in some serious group initiatives.

Activities included:

    • Swimming and water sports
    • Sun tanning
    • BBQ and fire pit
    • Drinking
    • Swinging from a rope on a tree
    • Psychedelics and mind altering substances
    • Arcade games (there was one arcade in town)
    • Jibber-Jabbers
    • Music night at the Balm Beach Tavern
    • A group dance class (salsa)
    • Van Band 3000: making our own ‘music’
    • The quest for Quest (an all out search to find a missing colleague)
    • Birthday funnel cake
    • Meal prep and clean-ups
    • And much more…

When you are entering the town, the bottom line on the ‘Welcome to Balm Beach’ road sign reads;

“Take only pictures, leave only footprints”

We did both. Plus we also left a few empty pints for good measure. We were blessed with amazing weather (it only rained for a bit on the first day), more food than we could eat, and most importantly – time for chillin’ with each other.

Overall, our second annual summer getaway is a fine example of when four days together results in a lifetime of memories.

Please enjoy the gallery of images:

And prepare to be thrilled by our spine-tingling video trailer:

Then if you think you can handle it, protect ya neck and watch the complete episode of the PDT’s Balm Beach Adventure 2017:

***Special thanks to Trevor ‘Ideas’ for randomly checking out google maps and discovering this little slice of beach life, tucked away in Tiny Township, Ontario, Canada***

Written by Daniel Libby, Featured image by unknown
Photography by Kal Sayid, Daniel Libby, Trevor Landon, Mark Galura, Sar Eskandarpour
Balm Beach videos by Mark Galura, Kal Sayid, Daniel Libby

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