Orville: About a Girl

Friday February 20th 2018

Written by: Quest
Featured image by: Quest
Episode number: S01E03
Episode airdate: September 21, 2017


A Union ship on a voyage of science and discovery

A male mono-male gendered warrior-like race. Think Klingons.

• 2 Moclan crew members, Bortus and Klyden, gives birth to a female. This situation is very rare for Moclans
• The Moclans solve this issue through sex change surgery
• Bortus requests surgery for his child, but is rejected by Doctor Claire Finn
• Bortus requests Moclan aid
• Moclans come to his aid
• Bortus changes his mind after watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Klyden does not.
• A trial occurs on the Moclan home planet to decide on whether to proceed with the child’s sex change
• Moclans move forward with the sex change
• The end


There are many ways to see this episode – men discriminating women, women belittling men, a child’s right to choose, the influence that Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer still has over us. And I’m sure there are more. But two points that stuck out to me were inspired by Yaphit (a gelatinous Lieutenant and Engineer aboard the USS Orville) and the Moclan gavel.

In the beginning of the episode Yaphit flirts with Doctor Finn by presenting his sexual competence, flexing his ability to shape himself into anything.

During the climax of the episode, to that woman can be stronger than men, Commander Kelly orders Lieutenant Alara Kitan to take the Moclan gavel and, with her bare hands, morphs it from a cube to a perfect sphere. The Moclan judge proceeds to use it, as it still works.

Both points are relevant because it highlights the main point of this episode: Despite the unusual form, you can still perform!

This belief is relevant to Heveena’s situation, a Moclan outcasted by her world because her family chose to not alter her gender. Unfortunately this conflicts heavily with the culture. As a mono-male gendered race, they believe they have no use for women. The opposite sex is seen as inferior and non contributing to their masculine philosophies.

But the disadvantages she inherited actually helped her develop a unique perspective, specifically with her writing. I theorize that her writings may have had a unique and flattering flare to them.

Overall it’s a great episode that may inspire friendly debates among friends and family. Highly recommended.

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