The Nth Degree – Brains Beyond Intellect

Star Trek – The Nth Degree

TNG: S04E09

Design and Written by: Michael Volkwijn


This Star Trek episode involved ideas of transformation. The transformations were mainly mental but with Barclay morphing into a higher state of being, they. This was due to an alien probe, which scared the rest of the crew members, but turned out to be an excellent opportunity to connect with another alien race.

Thoughts about the episode.

Overall, this was a thought-provoking episode. Thinking, processing, learning and changing are all things we as human beings deal with in our everyday lives. But how does it affect us overall as people? Little transformations are nice and can be productive. The episode explores how the human mind can rapidly increase through an intervention of species. In other words, brain stimulation + manipulation.


Delving into how we perceive reality and how our own state of humanity advances, this episode exceeded my expectations. What was difficult with the episode was that if there is too much knowledge it goes over our heads as humans, we think about abstract concepts we cannot wrap our minds around and start to live in fear or ignorance. Best to trust in life that everything has a purpose for your own life the situations that occur and the people you meet or do not meet can affect your life in ways that you may not see in the present but down the lines can affect your life.

One example of having this trust for me was when I had a small phone interview with Kal of Pixel Dreams for developer position but realized I could not do it that was a year ago and a year later I ended up interning here at PD. Another thought was about our own human capabilities I surprise myself exceeding my own goals and possibilities with tasks but keeping that high of excitement and to remember that feeling of confidence so it becomes part of who you are as a person.

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