Parallels – The What If Scenario

Star Trek – Parallels

TNG: S07 E11

Design and Written by: Michael Volkwijn


This was the first Star Trek episode I’ve ever watched. It involved parallel worlds, Worf travelling through space and time through the use of a quantum fissure and an exploration of the ‘what ifs’ in life.

Parallels- Quantum Fissure


Thoughts about the episode

The different possibilities of the paths Worf’s life could have taken were interesting because sometimes I just think about the past and what could have changed if I said or did an action towards another person my life would be different even slightly with each choice I could have made. Taking the example of different stages within other realities between Worf and Troi makes you realize how things could be if you take a new step forward.

Data’s analysis of explaining why all timelines and realities are in a mess and one “what if” scenario caught my attention, of the Borg taking over the galaxy and no one survived. The Borg scenario made me think about the endless wars, genocides and diseases. How one single action could change the possibility of surviving or change balance of power of the current world and worlds to come. Whatever the action, whether it’s things I did or did not do, it change my life and branches into different possibilities for my future. There is always a possibility of change. You just have to commit and take the action to change your situation.

The episode was timely (45:41) and overall I do not know where things will go, but life lessons come through many different scenarios.

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