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Written by Sasha Pax Malich
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I’m a new member of the Pixel Dreams family. In my few weeks here, there is no better word to describe how the environment has made me feel than the headline I used to start this blog post. From powerful conversations, to ample amount of time spent on creative projects and reading, the rate of learning has been profound. I come from a background in athletics and am in the midst of a ‘career change’ so to speak. PD offered me a new perspective on life, introduced new realities, and created a space for my prefrontal cortex to do what it does best organically….solve problems and develop.




Access to PD’s network of colleagues has been one of the most compelling aspects of my time here thus far. I had the privilege of attending a Digital Breakfast hosted by Google at the Toronto headquarters. Co-hosting the event, alongside Google, was Powered by Search. CEO Dev Basu is a good friend of PD’s.

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It was absolutely remarkable. Ryan Panzer, a Google representative, taught me about the power of Google AdWords, it’s potency for digital marketing professionals, and the influence a brilliantly engineered organization such as Google has into the lives and decision making of us ‘muggles’. Jaw-dropping stats coupled with an emphasis on the incredible rise of mobile usage really got the creative juices flowing in me, giving me a glimpse into what the future is going to look like and how I as an individual can affect it.

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Dev followed up with an amazing presentation on sequential retargeting strategies. Sequential retargeting. Sounds epic….because it is. When Dev explained it, I was blown away. Agencies have the power to adapt the marketing campaign to you, as a user, in a completely unique way, based on what you’re clicking and where you’re clicking. The strategy keeps the user experience fresh. We’re moving towards a world where each marketing campaign will have a uniquely targeted approach. No more casting large nets… JUST an infinite battalion of navy seal snipers waiting for you.



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Following the presentation I got introduced to both keynote speakers, and was given a tour of part of the headquarters PD had been commissioned to design. The overall experience was awesome. There was no time to pause and reflect during the few hours spent there, but coming away from the event and interactions, I was incredibly excited. About my colleagues. About potential. About my next steps. About new friends. About technology. About life. About the future. About the horizons.

The beauty of learning is that repetitive spartan kick to your chest new and compelling information constantly offer. I’m incredibly lucky to have landed a summer gig where my colleagues are spartan kicking away every day. They’re quick to shoot me down, but equally quick to build me up and spark new connections and neural pathways.



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Thank you Google. Thank you Powered by Search. Thank you PD. Much love.

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