Friducation Presents: Burgers, Buns and Beaches!

Summer weather has just been too lovely to not go out.

On Friday July 24th, PDT enjoyed an awesome trip to the Beaches!

The team gathered at PD HQ at 9:30 am. After a few games of Super Mario Wii U, shortly followed by the day’s briefings, we are then divided into two groups, each with different missions, taking turn to ride our shuttle-craft to the beach.

I was part of the first team. Our mission was to find and secure the perfect location to set up camp. Within a few minutes, we found our ideal spot: wide space for activities, picnic tables under the shade, large patch of grass to lie on, a less crowded view of the beach, kid’s playground, washroom in close vicinity, and plenty of shops and stores nearby. What else can one ask for?

Once the second team arrived, we divided ourselves to several groups to do different tasks, such as ran an errand to the grocery store, set the place up with snacks and drinks, and heat up the grill for burgers. We are super thankful to have such amazing chef / Partner / Creative Director, Lannie prepare us delicious feast (as always). Our dear Sharon had also brought us her homemade chocolate chip cookies, which were probably one of the best cookies I’ve ever had. YUM!

After food, we spent the rest of our afternoon lying on the beach (maybe a few dips in the cold water), sipping on ice cold drinks, playing keep-ups, and soaking up every bit of the beautiful sunshine and ocean breeze Toronto had to offer. What a relaxing day!

As the sun started to set, we packed up our gear and headed back to the HQ for some Star Trek activity. It was indeed a wonderful trip filled with laughters and good times. Definitely an event to remember.



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