Friday June 5 Adventure – by Lily

It was a stormy afternoon on Friday June 5. PDT and friends decided to stay indoor to watch an episode of Star Trek. A random episode was picked, which we later realized turning out to be the ending of Deep Space 9! It was a very sad episode (which probably suits the moody weather). It was also a depressing spoiler for most of us as we haven’t got the chance to finish the other episodes yet. To cheer up the post atmosphere, we then decided to go on a Spice Girls marathon. Talking about those nipples!

Luckily, it did not take long for the rain to pass away, followed by a brilliant bright sunny sky. After a few drinks and great conversations filled with laughter in the balcony, we all headed out to a place called Wilbur Mexicana for dinner. It was a small but cozy, lovely decorated bistro located on King Street West, serving killer Mexican food. Their tacos and burritos are just mad amazing, and I highly recommend you to check this place out!

After being filled up with enormous amount of food, we grabbed ourselves some coffee and took a walk back to the HQ. Laying comfortably on the hardwood floors, we all gathered around as a circle like we were having bedtime stories. It was a beautiful night, with good company.

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