World of Tomorrow

The team welcomed the captain back from a trip to the future area of Starfleet HQ & Academy by watching an acclaimed animated short on Vimeo On Demand:

‘World of Tomorrow’ by filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt is futuristic yet the main characters are stick-drawn figures reminiscent of ancient cave paintings. Featuring a messenger from the future telling a doomsday story to an unlearned youngster, Emily Prime. The movie hints at new technologies involving memories, cloning, time travel and deep space consciousness. One’s innocence gets dashed as Emily Prime is left alone to contemplate the present, like the future messenger says “Now is the envy of all of the dead.”



The message to viewers appears in the form of a conundrum; Are we all Emily Prime? If you knew what the future held would it be better to exist carefree living in blissful ignorance? What if the technologies of the future depicted all exist right now via art, storytelling, the mind, even the nearest looking glass?


It just so happened that it was a beautiful day outside. So the PDT went out to the park to play a round of Keep-Ups.

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