Losing My Star Trek Virginity

Monday May 5 |

Written by Sarah Eskandarpour


When I first read up on Pixel Dreams, I noticed that Star Trek was mentioned a few times on the website but didn’t think anything of it. The more I delved deeper into the world of Pixel Dreams and Friducation I realized their culture isn’t just about Star Trek, it IS Star Trek.
I started to worry.
To me, the words ‘Trekkie’ or ‘Trekker’ painted the picture of an obese man with Cheetos powder on his fingers living in the basement of his mother’s home. The only time he leaves his lair (which is also home to a few cats) is when he goes to the local
comic book store to shoot the shit with the other Trekkies within a 5 mile radius. They’re all wearing “I love Churros” shirts.
Aside from a few sporadic moments in the last 19 years of my life, Star Trek was never something I had seen or even thought about. At least not until two weeks ago when the world of Pixel Dreams opened up. Not surprisingly, every second of the journey to Star Trekdom has been enjoyable. From religion and law to human nature and inter species diplomacy, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t enjoy at least a few episodes.
Even though being a fan and watching the episodes is mandatory at Pixel Dreams, you’re not forced to like it. You don’t feel something similar to Big Brother breathing down your neck ordering you to enjoy the show or risk getting fired. It’s extremely easy to like the show whether it’s because of the characters, the themes they tackle, or their otherworldliness.
One episode in particular (TNG S05E17) has made quite an impression on my realization that Star Trek is the best show ever. The attitudes and societal views portrayed in that episode (aired 22 years ago) are still some issues that we deal with as a society today. It tackles gender equality, homosexuality and unrequited love – something many shows today wouldn’t dip their toes into. And they’re not annoying about it, either.
Once you get into the series and meet everyone at Pixel Dreams you start to understand the obsession that you once thought was a little peculiar. PD is less of a company and more of a kaleidoscope of people – a vast array of personalities, interests, backgrounds and talents. It seems natural that they’ve all fallen for a series that is just as diverse as they are. So far, I haven’t come upon an episode of Star Trek or person at PD that I don’t like and it’s definitely something I look forward to never changing.
If you’re like how I was and you doubt that Star Trek is a show you could jump on board with, I challenge you to watch a few episodes. Believe me and everyone else at Pixel Dreams when we say that it is not just for overweight basement dwellers.

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