Doctor LinLin in the House

Friday May 23 |

Art by  written by Daniel R Libby

A very special Friducation went down at The Fly on May 23rd 2014. The team assembled to watch some Star Trek after a few weeks without it. The PDT was itchin’ for some Deep Space 9 and we kicked it off with Season 2 episodes 1 & 2.

After a cheers in tribute to Vulcan Ale (DISCD) it was on to some gaming, specifically Dr. Mario in 1-on-1 competition mode. While the team was enthralled with play we also developed our spatial rotation skills and learned about pharmaceutical pills. Our cognitive senses were tingling. Then with a knock at the door we were greeted by the surprise appearance of some stunning colleagues from our satellite office, including the beautiful guest of honour Doctor who was equally surprised to see her favorite video game on.
The doctor makes a house call.

People gathered on the balcony as the sunset over Toronto’s west, Dreams seized the moment by snapping a few candid portraits.

One celebration highlight was the symbolic slicing of the birthday cake with a sword of destiny. You don’t know sexy until you’ve seen LinLin lick the icing off a samurai blade.

As we showed love for our sensual sister on a gorgeous Spring evening we ended this orgy in the only fitting way possible, and much like the DS9 episodes we watched earlier, TO BE CONTINUED…

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