Star Trek TNG – The Naked Now

Friday January 31 |

Art by @KhalidM and @TrevLandon

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Title: The Naked Now
Season: 01
Episode: 04 

The crew of the Enterprise find themselves losing control over their minds and emotions, and not to mention, inhibitions. Wacky and interesting things happen on the ship from The Boy (Wesley Crusher) taking over full control of the ship through engineering, to rampant sexual encounters throughout.

The major highlight: One of our most beloved crewman, Data, gets some action with the all so lovely Tasha Yar. Lucky for Tasha, Data “is fully functional” and “programmed in multiple techniques. A broad variety of pleasuring.”

Robotic sex toys have been around for the ladies for quite some time now. As dudes, we’re quite jeolly, and quite intimidated. How are we supposed to compete against such awesome feets of sexual technology?

Fair game

Gentlemen, the future of robot-sex is already here. You can pick one up as cheap as $7,000. It may not be as fully functional as Data, but it’ll definitely do the job.

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