Star Trek DS9 – Q-Less

Friday February 14 |

Art by @Trevlandon  written by KhalidM

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Title: Q-Less
Season: 1
Episode: 7

There were two very important developments in this episode.

The first is Q’s visit, along side with Picard’s former fling, Vash. This was an important development in the story line as it sets the stage for an outsider (Q), to assess, compare, and judge the DS9 team to the Enterprise team. It’s obvious for fans and critics to have a bias towards loving the crew of the Enterprise. Hearing Q’s stinging criticism of the team (in compared to TNG’s cast) sheds light on a very interesting fact about the DS9 team. They’re dysfunctional, and not the best of the best. This is important in the storyline as unlike the TNG team, if the DS9 team is to survive, they’re going to have to get better, work more synergistic as a team, and grow as people.

[symple_box color=”gray” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”] Sisko and Q - DS9 - Q-Less
You hit me… Picard never hit me.

I’m not Picard.

Indeed not. You’re much easier to provoke.
How fortunate for me.


The second most important themes was business. Our first-hand experience of Quark’s business skills should be a delight to any under-dog and/or entrepreneur. We see Quark at his best. He negotiates, barters, connects, and sells.

Making an introduction, for himself and his buyers

[symple_box color=”gray” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]

Quark and Vash - Q-Less

My name is Quark. It’s come to my
attention that you have access to
certain items. Items that could
perhaps turn a tidy profit.

I’m listening.

(Quark leans closer as if sharing an intimate secret.)

For a percentage, I might be able to
arrange a buyer for your trinkets.
Perhaps an auction.


Negotiating an unfair deal

[symple_box color=”gray” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]

Quark and Vash negotiating - Q-Less

I figure we’d auction this off last.

Quark closes the box with a snap.

Interesting… but hardly of any
intrinsic value.

Really? I thought it was the best
piece in the collection.

Obviously my associates have more
sophisticated tastes than you’re
used to.
But just so it’s not a total loss,
I’ll take it off your hands for say…
seven bars of gold-press latinum.

It’s worth fifty times as much.

Ridiculous… All right, eighteen
bars, but you must swear never to
tell a soul about my foolish


Selling – it’s about emotion, not information

[symple_box color=”gray” text_align=”center” width=”100%” float=”none”]

Quark selling - DS9 Q-Less

Quark can’t believe this. He interrupts Vash and pulls her aside.

What are you doing?

Placing the statue in its historical

Here, give me that.
(takes the statue)
This isn’t the Daystrom Institute.
Watch closely.

(Quark walks back to the podium.)

It’s rare.
It’s beautiful.
And it’s a Gamma Quadrant original! And it can be yours for the right price.
Bidding will start at 10 bars of gold pressed latinum.

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