Emissary – Part 1 and 2

Friday January 10 |

by Trevor Landon ( @Trevlandon )

Star Trek. Deep Space Nine
Title: Emissary – Part 1 and 2
Season: 1
Episode: 1 & 2

On Friday, January 10th, the Pixel Dreams Team opened their doors to family & friends to join them in watching the first episode of the first season of Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – Emissary – Part 1 and 2. 
After watching their fair share of TNG, the most logical next step would be for the team to venture forward with DS9.
The team had been eagerly awaiting this voyage into new undiscovered territories and felt it was only right to share it with everyone they knew!

 The game plan for the evening went as follows: 

4:30pm: Star Trek – Next Generations Best of Both Worlds part 2
6:00pm: Deep Space Nine – Emissary – Part 1 and 2
7:30pm: Video Games!

In typical Star Trek fashion, DS9 supplied the audience with drama, battles, history, psychology, good humour, and an explanation of the time-space-continuum, leaving everyone on the edge of their seat and wanting more. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we strongly suggest you catch up and join us for our 2nd event, when we watch episode 3 and 4:
Past Prologue & A Man Alone, respectively.
Stay tuned for more info!

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