Uzi Vs Ford: Reggae & Hip Hop Concert (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mon)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Moskito Bite Club


Let me start by saying that I am metal head  We’re talking a blast-beat loving, denim vest wearing rocker. So when I tell you that on Thursday, April 25, 2013 I attended a Hip Hop and Reggae concert cum comical satire at Moskito Bite Club you can get the full picture.

Now I should back up a bit, and explain that this was not your typical Reggae show. The event, facetiously entitled Uzi Vs Ford was a surreal mashup of music, politics and Bong Man. It was the brainchild of Toronto-based branding agency, Pixel Dreams and Friducation. The event was touted online as a “Bakkle to the Death” and it was meant to let Torontonians blow off a little steam caused by their mayoral government while enjoying some internationally renowned Reggae. Despite the fact that this was my first Reggae show I feel I can confidently say that very few can compare with the likes of this one. Case in point, I can’t think of many concerts that have such guests as Cosplayers, Superheroes, Bong Man, sexy cops and referees, and clowns. Yes, clowns.

I haven’t even mentioned the headliner, Uzimon. Think Yellowman meets Ali G and you can begin to piece together what Uzi is all about. Uzi is known for his wild stage antics and he was certainly in fine form at his first Toronto performance ever. His set culminated with him laying waste to a Rob Ford Effigy (a pinata filled with glow sticks and candy) using a Samurai sword.  All the levity aside Uzi and his backing band were exceptionally tight. These guys know what they are doing and they do it well.

There to support Uzi were a list of local and international talent including New York’s rapper/stoner MenacE and DJ Grace of Spades. The local talents included Side Pony Nation, Sylvan Sessions and The Epic.

I spent the brunt of my night working the Door with fellow intern/muscle Annabelle. The perks of working the Door are as such: we can check out the performances but also stay in the thick of things.The crowd was a combination of friends, family and industry professionals- highlights included Art Director Trevor and his ever-adorable party animal family, the lovely Mokhtarzada Ladies and PD’s Brothers in Arms, the BNotions Crew.

All in all the night was a success: the event promised a spectacle and spectacle was what we got. While I won’t be trading in my Sepultura tee for a Pete Tosh shirt any time soon I realized that stepping out of my typical routine of chalices and ultimate darkness isn’t so bad especially when your are among good buds. I even picked up some Patois by the night’s end.



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