Khalid’s Trip to Boston

A week filled with education, adventure, and cycling.

Boston Massachusetts – what a beautiful city. Unlike many major cities, Botonians do not seem interested in building tall. Most buildings are on average 5-6 stories high, most of the architecture breathtaking. Boston is a really romantic city; you immediately feel time-warped into the new-classical era.

My first order of business was to find a bicycle. Bicycling through the city is great – I was able to cover almost every street in Boston, and a few in Cambridge in the short time I was there.

The city is well designed, cyclist friendly, and overall a charming destination worthy of seeing. Connected to Cambridge MA by several bridges, I was able to go from Boston Logan International Airport to MIT dorms (where I was staying) in half an hour via transit. On the way back – it was a 12 minute taxi cab ride.

My highlights include:

Accidentally getting in the Callahan Tunnel Boston on route to the Airport, on a busted bicycle with plastic bags of gifts hanging from the handles and 15 pounds of laptop power on my back.

Callahan Tunnel Boston
photo source

Having to put on “I’ve been checked and am not a pedophile” badge when visiting the Boston Children’s Museum alone.

Boston Children Musuem
photo source

Getting myself trapped in the middle of St Anthony’s Feast, North-end Italian Festival.

Saint Anthony's Feast - North End - Boston MA

Attending HubSpot 2012 with my friends (and clients) Giovanni and Rafael (from Navvia)

HubSpot's Inbound - 2012

Getting drunk with my friends (and clients) Giovanni and Rafael (from Navvia)

Drinks  at the Black Rose - Boston MA

Getting drunk with a bunch of Austrians and Germans at a very authentic Irish pub (The Black Rose)

Friends at the Black Rose - Boston MA

Being trolled by the old Irish singer, then dancing with the waitresses, one being his niece.

Black Rose - Boston MA

Long rides across the city in the morning, afternoon, and evening

Boston MA

Finding a Vietnamese restaurant, eating Pho, missing my wife back home

Viet pho - Boston MA

Boston Common Gardens – Why don’t we have a pretty park Toronto?!

Boston Common Gardens

Ocean Ave Pops – Greatest popsicles in the world!

Ocean Ave Pops - Boston MA

Deciding last minute on my last night there to ride into Harvard Square, in Cambridge MA. Good move Khalid.

Harvard Square - Cambridge MAphoto source

Crossing the Charles River every day

Charles River - Boston MA

Not seeing a silly highway in the sky (good on you Boston!)

Wharf District Park - Boston MA
photo source

Meeting wonderful people.


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