Rebellious Art

Friday Jan 27 |

There’s a little rebel in all of us. Today, Lannie illustrated this in a presentation of her works with an underlining theme of social commentary. Among the pieces shown are:

Lannie Le - Seven Deadly Sins - Gluttony - McDonalds - Art

7 deadly sins

A series of 7 spoof ads exploring the “cardinal sins” often found in consumer products and advertising.
Lannie Le - Doll culture - Real sex doll - Art

Doll culture

A photographic series reflecting the rising fetish and demand for life-like sex dolls.
Lannie Le - Pornographique - Art


Four innocent objects manipulated through hyperrealistic touch-up to evoke sexuality, a subliminal method often used in consumer product advertising. These large prints are currently gracing one of our studio walls.
Lannie Le - War and Peace - Art

War & Peace

A photo collage series portraying first world’s leisure with acts of war so hidden they almost go unnoticed.
Lannie Le - We don't need another lie - Art

We don’t need another lie

This cutout poster makes an appropriate frame for many advertising images we see on a daily basis.
Lannie Le - The screen is yours - SMS Art

The screen is yours

A technology-based public intervention exploring democratic uses of public media and anonymous participation in a public discourse. This installation uses a DIY mobile to web technology to enable publishing private SMS messages to public screens.

Lannie Le - Starbucks gently pervasive - Culture jam art

Gently pervasive

A culture jam highlighting the cultural pervasiveness of Starbucks. Hundreds of coffee insulation sleeves were remixed before returned to various Starbucks locations. The logo was modified, and caution text “Careful the beverage you’re about to enjoy is extremely hot” changed to “…. is gently pervasive”.
To view more of Lannie’s works, visit her website at

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