Friday Jan 27 |

Title: Parallels
Season: 1
Episode: 8

In celebration of Ryan Dury’s birthday, we watched Parallels. The show starts, and ends, with Liutenant Worf’s birthday… After competing in a bat’leth tournament on Forcas III, Lieutenant Worf returns to the Enterprise and is treated to a surprise birthday party, much to his annoyance. As he attends the party, he starts to notice subtle changes, such as the flavor of the cake changing, and a painting given to him by Data appearing on a different wall. The changes start to become more pronounced, and Worf’s confusion leads to the Enterprise being damaged by a Cardassian attack which results in the death of Geordi La Forge. Despite retaining his initial memories, Worf has no evidence that reality has changed and his own personal logs support the stories given by the other crew members. Other major changes occur: Riker is seen as Captain of the Enterprise, the Bajorans become the suppressors of the Cardassians and enemies of the Federation, Wesley Crusher is a lieutenant on the Enterprise, and Worf finds himself married to Deanna Troi. Upon investigation, the crew find that Worf’s RNA has an unusual quantum signature and that he is essentially a Worf from a different universe. The crew theorizes that Worf, on his original return from the bat’leth tournament, passed through a time-space fissure, with the shuttlecraft’s engines causing Worf to quantum flux between several parallel universes. Data determines that Worf’s proximity to La Forge’s VISOR was causing Worf to shift between universes, and that each universe covers a different possibility. In effect, anything that could possibly happen has done so in a parallel universe, hence the believable changes in reality that Worf was experiencing. via Wikipedia

“I know Klingons like to be alone on their birthdays. You probably want to meditate, or hit yourself with a painstick, or something.”

– Deanna Troi, to Worf

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