What is Friducation?

Born January 2010, Friducation was a word cerated to describe our (Pixel Dreams Team) dedication to personal and professional development, specifically on Fridays. Today, Friducation, and this site, has become a canvas for expressing our wild and adventurous culture, and thoughtful pursuit of knowledge. From Star Trek to field trips, Friducation is the non-profit community aspect of our for-profit companies.

How do you Friducate?

Friducation can be experienced and expressed in many ways.

  • Field trips and learning adventures
  • Taking part in speaker panels
  • Attending/leading workshops and seminars
  • A day of silent reading, writing, and reflection
  • Smoking jibbers and watching documentaries and Star Trek
  • Making and creating art


  • To bring people and communities together
  • To increase happiness in our lives through learning and experimenting
  • To provide value to the community through teaching and mentoring
  • To grow as individuals and communities



“Half of every profession is made up of the bottom half of the class.”
– Some Professor at Ryerson

Don’t be the bottom half!