Game ON! A TSO Experience

Written by: Comet
Featured Image by: Comet & ChatGPT


It was Thursday, May 16, when I received an email from Khalid and the team inviting my wife, Courtney, and me to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO). Attached was a newsletter with upcoming shows, and one title immediately caught my eye: “Game ON!”. It was an exciting blend of two of my favourite things—video games and music. Needless to say, I excitedly responded to Kal and the team, thanking them for this opportunity as I have never experienced anything like this.

Fast-forward to next Friday, May 24. It was a beautiful sunny day as Courtney and I made our way to the venue, Roy Thomson Hall. We were both secretly geeking out, knowing this venue also serves as the superhero headquarters for Vought in the fictional show “The Boys.” Upon arrival, we took a moment to bask in the sunshine and admire the beautiful architecture before heading inside, unaware that we were about to witness an extraordinary showcase of teamwork.



About 30 minutes later, we entered the venue, explored a bit, grabbed a drink, and made our way to our seats. Everything was so clean and well-organized that we were able to find our seats rather quickly. Once we sat down, I was overwhelmed with curiosity about my surroundings. The space was uniquely crafted for what we were about to experience. It was a mixture of wooden panels and concrete finishes. It felt as if there wasn’t a single thing that didn’t need to be there.


As the show began, I was captivated from start to finish. Hearing nostalgic video game music played by a full orchestra was incredible. The performance was synchronized with a screen displaying videos of specific games, showcasing the orchestra’s impeccable timing with both their music and the on-screen action. One standout moment was the performance of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim theme. The orchestra’s rendition was powerful, but what stood out even more was the choir singing in the game’s fictional language with full intensity, reminiscent of Viking chants.

Reflecting on the experience, the most remarkable aspect was the display of teamwork. Every orchestra member worked together to ensure even the smallest sounds were perfectly timed. Observing closely, you could see the precision in their entrances, the coordination in playing their instruments, and the seamless turning of music sheets. It was a testament to their dedication to their craft and their ability to work harmoniously as a team to achieve greatness.

As we left the venue, I felt inspired to one day achieve that same remarkable level of teamwork.



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