Coffee 101: The Basics

Written by: Swift
Featured image by: Fire

Grind, Brew, Enjoy

There is a drug we have all taken.

As you read this, you could very well be buzzing from it.

Some of us are gross offenders. We use it first thing in the morning, during work meetings, time with family. Hell, we’ll even do it on our first date. We’re sick! We know we have a problem and do nothing to solve it.

You know we’re not talking smack, crack, pipes or bongs for the initiated. It’s a mean bean we crush or grind, then drip, pour-over and devour. Our drug is coffee.

Like a newb, early on in our dalliance with the brown devil, we didn’t care about quality. We hit up every corner that our dealer Tim was at. But as we sipped and savoured our way to a caffeinated existence, the urge for higher quality potency.

Enter Vic.

Vic has been both a user and dealer for years. She knows her way around the brewed arts. And if you’re one of the 65% of North Americans who dabble, she’s droppin’ knowledge on the bean we love.

Where coffee is grown

Coffee’s growth comes from a special mix of sun, water, and soil. This region is the Coffee Belt.

While coffee comes from this region, it is not equal. Ultimately, it comes down to taste and preference.

Are you into the thick and dark? Or is a milder blond your speed? These are not just Tinder questions.

How coffee affects us

That sweet, sweet buzz we get from our java is a stimulant. Caffeine acts as a central nervous system booster. When it reaches our brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness. Some people use coffee to relax, others to cram for tests or finish a heavy workload.


Like the excellent drug it is, we can enjoy coffee in various ways.

None of which are wrong. The only criminal way to caffeinate is those chocolate-covered coffee beans. Commit or quit!

Coffee fuels the world

It’s close to inevitable that if we haven’t tried coffee before, we will. In some countries, it’s a lifelong habit that forms as children. In other places, coffee is reserved for the working-class stiff to make it safe to the office. It’s possible that you’ve kicked the habit, and reading coffee blogs is the closest you come to using again. Whatever your relationship is with the dark mistress is, she fuels the world. Coffee is the Beyonce of beverages. Mix in Vic and her dog Armani, and here comes Destiny’s (Coffee) Child.

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