Thinking critically about conspiracies

A FRIducation presentation by Dr. Christopher DiCarlo

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They’re coming for you.

Whether it’s the government, the media, multinationals, NASA, pharmaceuticals, or Bill Gates, there are invisible forces at work trying to impose their agenda onto the status quo.

If that sounds like a conspiracy theory, you’re right. If you believe those beliefs represent a fringe group of extremists, you’re wrong. Conspiracy theorists are becoming greater in number and more determined, and with social media egging them on they’re also becoming more dangerous. Recent events in the US have shown the damage caused by a group of people bound together by a conspiracy belief that was incubated and organized online.

Why does someone choose to accept an alternate truth? Are things getting worse? What can we do about it?

Dr. Christopher DiCarlo has the answers. Award-winning lecturer and author, Dr. DiCarlo spent years researching the phenomenon of conspiracy belief. His upcoming book, “How to Talk to a Conspiracy Theorist”, tackles the increasing belief in alternate truths by examining the cultural, technological, and psychological factors that create them.

In his latest online seminar, sponsored by Pixel Dreams on June 18, Dr. DiCarlo challenged the audience with key questions:

  • What personality type is most likely to believe in conspiracies? And what do they get out of it?
  • Has social media destroyed journalism?
  • Which famous conspiracies turned out to be true?

Dr. DiCarlo revealed what the research showed about ourselves and how our relationship with ‘truth’ will never be the same.

Watch the video:

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Pre-order “How to Talk to a Conspiracy Theorist”, a guide to arming yourself for a head-to-head dialogue with people in your life – maybe your partner, child, parent, or friend – who’ve gone down the rabbit hole of popular conspiracies. Being released in 2021, it offers practical ways to bring up these hot-button topics without yelling at each other. You’ll learn how to make progress while keeping the relationship intact.

Truth exists. We must nurture it with encouragement, not confrontation, while not allowing the weeds of conspiracy to take root.

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