PD Summer Getaway 2020

August 5th-8th 2020

The team returned to Crystal Lake for the fifth edition of the annual cottage getaway series. After last year’s horror show, the team was due for a romantic comedy.

Following a rigorous round of PCR testing, we healthfully embarked on another epic journey. Just what the doctor prescribed.

We enjoyed some wonderful weather, time away from the lockdown life, and we were blessed to be together.

Activities included:

    • High-speed boating and inner-tubing
    • Swimming
    • BBQ’ing
    • Eating and drinking
    • Lakeside bongs
    • Cornhole
    • Keep ups
    • Adult coloring books
    • Slappin’ da bass
    • Acoustic guitar
    • Dance parties
    • Campfire marshmallows

Cheers to another amazing, heartwarming, and relaxing getaway. May there be many more.

Photo gallery:


Special thanks

To the Pixel Dreams team and community for making this voyage possible.

Written by Liberty, Featured image by Moon
Photography by Dreams, Comet, Ninja, Energize, Thrive, and Moon

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