PDT Crystal Lake 2019

August 14th-17th 2019

A team-bonding experience became a dangerous adventure. The PDT ventured to a secluded cottage on Crystal Lake for an annual Summer Getaway retreat.

They were warned… They were doomed… And nothing can save them.

Get ready for suspense like you’ve never seen.

You’ll wish it were only a nightmare…

Watch the video:

A spine tingling tale

Off the highway and onto some steep and winding dirt roads rests a spacious rental cottage, hidden deep in the woods. Being so far from civilization, it was necessary for us to arrive packed and prepared with food supplies and enough drinks to last the duration. We were greeted with a complicated multi-bin rubbish and recycling process that set the tone for what lay ahead.

But it wasn’t all spooky stuff, as the team engaged in some heartwarming activities – including swimming, BBQs, silent reading, high-speed boating, corn-in-the-hole tournaments, binge watching The Family on Netflix, and of course, dance parties – any time, anywhere.

The days were packed with multi-course meals and refreshments. The nights were reserved for jibbers, movies, and watching the stars. An open-ended itinerary left room for reflective thought and collective action. Any sunburns incurred were met with edible face masks for relief. Overall, we invested an amazing few days outside the city.

This was our fourth annual Summer Getaway, and we all survived it.

Music Tracks:

    • Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) by Enya
    • Stop by Spice Girls
    • Return to Innocence by Enigma
    • Sandstorm by Darude
    • Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

Special thanks

We would like to thank the Village of Kinmount, Ontario, the Crystal Lake Marina, superior men and women, Striking Vipers, The Seahawk 3, The Glastron, magical mushrooms, and the Pixel Dreams Team.

Enjoy the gallery of images from the trip:

Written by Daniel Libby, Featured image by Kryza Talavera
Photography by Kal Sayid, Lannie Le, Daniel Libby, Trevor Landon, Sar Eskandarpour, Lily Le, Gus Quintini, Kryza Talavera
Video by MC2 Music Media

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