Instilling Thoughtful and Inclusive Behaviour

Pixel Dreams CEO Kal Sayid talks about welcoming newcomers to the PD experience by extending courtesies and enjoying a little strategy for breakfast.

Culture is not stagnant

We wish to welcome our new friends, our guests, and comrades over the next few months. We hope that the next several months are rewarding to you on both a personal and a professional level. On that note, I’d like to emphasize the importance of OG team members’ duty to serve.

Culture is a funny thing. You can design it, or you can let it mutate to whatever forces inside and outside exist. Culture is not stagnant. It is not something you wireframe in a cave; decree it; and expect it to grow smoothly. It is a metaphysical living force that needs constant attention. This is especially important to be aware of as a tribe grows.

It is natural for humans to create cliques and micro groups which eventually divide us and, with time, can lead to prejudices and eventual animosity. Growth is welcomed, but not at the expense of what makes and has made us special. And not at the expense of what I envisioned over 15 years ago – that is, an organization based on servant leadership, kindness, courtesy, and comradery.

Those who’ve been around for a while have the greatest responsibility to uphold and continue to nurture our company’s great culture.

How do we nurture?

By thinking and behaving more inclusively. For example, are you in a small group telling jokes that only a few people understand, but may alienate others? This is a natural tribal tendency of unconscious humans, not of those who are courteous and self-aware. Remember to extend a hand. Go out of your way to learn about our new friends. It’s too common to expect new people at school to make the first, second, and third move to get to know the preexisting group. Common, yes; but not exemplary of servant leadership. The longer you’ve been here, the greater your duty to extend yourself.

A part of nurturing a great culture is becoming more sensitive and aware of how running jokes, shared lingo, and general attitudes may come off to a new person. No, I’m not advocating being PC or changing who you are, but I will encourage you to be additionally courteous and polite; thereby shining the best parts of you – the parts we’ve fallen in love with.

I’m aware that more of what I’m saying is not new to you. You already know this. You’re already the best crew a captain can wish for. All this is just a reminder.

Remember, culture eats strategy for breakfast. At PD, our greatest strategy is our culture.

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