Friducation Returns: The Legend Continues

2018 Week 38 – Friday September 21st

Written by: Liberty
Featured image by: Moon

It was the end of Summer 2018 when Friducation returned in a major way. An invitation revealed only the time and the guest list (consisting of the entire core team). Pixel Dreams was in for a surprise, a three hour multimedia experience curated by our valiant Captain.

“If you’re so busy now, when will you have time to get better?”
Kal Sayid – Pixel Dreams

The lights dimmed and we began watching, the first title was ‘Why Reality May Just Be a Hallucination’. Thus began a screening session with a series of intersecting themes, everything from quantum entanglements and the illusion of sight, to an inspiring commencement address by Admiral McRaven. The connecting message put bluntly was: if we want to be effective in the World, we need to get ourselves in order on personal level first.

The media we took in included 8 youtube videos and 7 instagram posts (President Trump, Jocko Willink, and Gary Vaynerchuk 1,2,3,4,5). There were so many insights to glean. It is worthwhile to experience it yourself, see the entire playlist below:

The overall feeling is that this event was prepared by a leader who wants the best for their team. This could very well be the start of the most enlightening era of Friducation ever. As we take it back to the roots, with an emphasis on community, education, and free creative expression. Exactly what today’s viewing material was about.

400-Trillion-to-1 is how lucky you are

Throughout the stream of surreal stories and incredible accomplishments by amazing people, we are reminded that it is a blessing to work with those doing magnificent things. Never take this for granted. Be grateful.

Remember our greatest opportunities are found in discomfort. We need to lead by example and with empathy. Create more time for ourselves. Do not quit, ever.

Perhaps it’s only fitting that we end this post the same way that Friducation session ended. To quote a statement that entrepreneur Gary V. lives by; “Nobody owes you shit!”

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