Kal’s 36th

Written by Daniel Libby
Featured image by Parth Bhatt

When the crew assembled for Friducation 2016-04-01 they quickly realized this was no ordinary Friday. Instead of the usual weekly wrap-up and online trends, things took a turn for the gorgeous with a belated b-day celebration for Captain Kal at the PD HQ.

Fly cats and cool droids gathered around a delightful wine and cheese spread. The guests were an assortment of millennials and early adopters so of course we partied like tech savvy visionaries do, by enjoying the use of cutting-edge technology from the 20th century. In this instance a necessary handheld label maker. After years of waking up the next morning in a fog of dreams with a mountain gifts, finally a specific way to remember all the beautiful people bearing what tremendous gifts.

DJ Trev’s playlist of ideas sparked the music turning the living room area into a dance party. Hip Hop dynamics took over when a breakdance circle formed as Philo showcased some b-boy moves. Renowned emcee e11evan arrived ready to freestyle, performing a seriously lights out rendition of Philo Life featuring Kris on the drum and Trevor on the guitar singing opera.

36 years of love, learning, community and family gatherings, partying with food, fun and Star Trek, makes the heart grow fonder. To the beautiful faces and personalities in attendance, thank you for indulging in these beautiful memories together. Like the RZA explains;

April 1st was a fun filled adventure filled with good friends, new friends, some great food and seeing my PD fam; not to mention Philo breaking out some new dance moves. Take notes for future party”
Infinity Parth
Pixel Dreams tone-of-room is always an adventure! With different dynamics of people coming together for each space included in the office. The post party freestyle jam being the best energy of the night for my personal taste.11 Evan
I show up to watch Philo break it down. Live Long and ProsperSuper Sami
PD fam assembled through drugs, alcohol and an epic birthday party. Ain’t nobody fresher than my motherf*cking clique.Quest Mark
If you are able to last until the sun goes down and the red lights come on you’re in for an experience. That’s typically when the party truly comes to life. Things might get a bit hazy and blurry.Ideas Trevor
Kal is like a fine scotch, and PDT party is getting legendary status. Nuff said.
Star Lan
My birthday is always a great excuse to guilt people from coming to hang. I’m absolutely blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing community.
Dreams Kal
This is a path, not a destination. For those who seek, the 36th chamber still awaits. Let the saga begin.
The RZA - The Wu-Tang Manual (2004)

Cheers to the many more celebrations ahead!

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