Montréal Weekend Getaways!

Kal, Lan and I along with the family members enjoyed a weekend getaway to Montreal. It was my first time there as well as my parents’, and I’ve got to say, it was definitely one of my favorite destinations that I’ve travelled to.


We took on a 4 hour road trip to Ottawa. Though it was a bit tiring, we enjoyed the long drive, admiring the beautiful nature on the way. Our first stop was at Vietnam Embassy to apply for baby Sophie’s Viet passport. After a couple hours of tea and social time (my parents were friends with the embassy peeps!), we drove around the city for sightseeings, and followed by a picnic in the park. Ottawa is a very peaceful capital city with lots of beautiful old castles and great European architecture buildings.

Finally, before moving on to our main destination, we stopped at the Museum of History for a short while to appreciate its fascinating architecture, also the dazzling view of the Ottawa River.

My #VietFamily in our capital, #Ottawa. CC @Friducation @PixelDreamers @_lannie @jemappellelily

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2 hours of more driving and we finally arrived at our Airbnb apartment. Though there were a few downsides in the service quality, the place was clean, cozy and well decorated. Everyone got a bit of rest, and had killer steaks and sticky rice for dinner. As the evening came, the whole family decided to take a relaxing stroll down the streets of Montreal.


We woke up a bit later than usual. After a hearty breakfast and hang out session at our place, we drove down for a light (or so as we thought) brunch at Juliette Et Chocolat, a pretty restaurant serving a wide range of chocolate goodness and desserts. We had some intense savory crepes along with coffee and very filling hot chocolate, while Philo had his sweet sweet waffles and (obviously) strawberries. It was a satisfying meal, accompanied with the super friendly waitress.

montreal-weekend-getaways-2   montreal-weekend-getaways-3

Next stop, we visited the Montreal Biodome for some good ol’ touristy activities. That means a trip to a combination of aquarium, botanical garden and zoo. Interesting how its overall architecture design looked like a Star Trek space ship.   

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Our last destination of the day was the Old Port. The old architecture and the cobblestone streets are reminiscent of Paris – very romantic and charming. Filled with street performers, painters, small stalls filled with goodies, beautiful restaurants, bars and cafes (and is decorated with loads of colorful flowers too!). 

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Montréal – an old couple

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We picked out a random restaurant to sit down for dinner. Though the atmosphere was lovely, I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant as the food was super salty and the service was not so pleasant (They wouldn’t give us extra pickles!). 

Driving back after a long day, listening to 40’s jazz, we were pleasantly satisfied and happy from our day’s adventures.  


It was time for us to go back home to Toronto. But before that, let’s not forget one major thing to do – a visit to Schwartz’s that is! Not surprising it’s a big deal with line-ups going around the corner block. The meat in the sandwich melted in your mouth like heaven. If you ever come to Montreal, you must try the smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s. Must.

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Montréal – Them street arts!

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The weather had been perfect throughout the trip. On our way back, passing through Oshawa city, Kal found a little green spot that has an incredibly amazing view of the Ontario Lake. Canada is so beautiful.


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