Ontario Science Centre: Brain Exhibit


Ontario Science Centre
770 Don Mills Road,
Toronto, ON M3C 1T3


10:00am: Meet at Ontario Science Centre

About the Exhibition



Join us on the 13th of February as we embark on a journey through the human brain at the Ontario Science Centre. This interactive exhibit gives its audience the opportunity to experience this bundle of neurons in a way that has never been possible before. It’ll be a didactic trek trough our most powerful organ as we explore how we’re able to store memories, organise the visual world and process language.

We’ll start our journey by walking through a jungle of tangled wires and flashing lights that represent the trillions of synapses that are constantly firing away inside our head. Throughout the exhibit, there will be various informative models and movies on display.  We’ll learn about the surprising ways the brain continually rewires itself through different stages of life and discover how new knowledge about the brain’s inner workings may help scientists repair and improve brain function.  We’ll also encounter different puzzles and games that will explore different neurons and pathways.

The exhibit culminates in the brain lounge. This area of the exhibit will give us all a chance to sit back, relax and observe how different parts of the brain are stimulated by various activities – like listening to music, sporting events or foreign languages.


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