Back to Basics: Pancake Fridays

Wednesday May 14 |

Art by  written by Sarah Eskandarpour

Ask any intern about what they do in their office, and after the third or fourth answer, you can guess what the other thousand are going to say. They get coffee, shred paper, photocopy, answer phone calls, and essentially do what no one else wants to do. Just a typical intern in a typical office. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, Pixel Dreams isn’t a “typical office” and thanks to that I’m not a “typical intern” – I’m a Pancake Prodigy. Okay, well, I make pancakes on a weekly basis, and it’s actually only happened once, but you have to start somewhere!

When did Pancake Fridays start? It was in the first year of Pixel Dreams’ establishment, when the staff decided to make pancakes for their co-op students, Kerri-Anne Mak and Martin Herak. Probably because the PD staff were better designers than they were cooks (don’t tell them I said that), Kerri-Anne and Martin took over the pancake-making process. Soon after, this turned into a tradition, and a reason for colleagues and friends from all over town to get together on Friday mornings to enjoy some good cookin’. Just like grandma used to make ‘em.

Pancake Fridays are just another example of why interning for Pixel Dreams is less “traditional” and more like your friends wondering if you’re making this job up because of how cool it sounds. Trust me, it’s not made up, and it’s definitely a challenge, but things like Pancake Fridays make it that much more enjoyable.

The most beautiful thing about all of this? Pancakes are about as versatile as… something that is extremely versatile… and after a brief pause in this weekly tradition, we’ve made a strong comeback. No matter what your dietary needs or restrictions, you’re sure to find the perfect pancake for you. So, if you happen to “coincidentally” be in the neighborhood on Friday mornings, stop by and have a pancake (or twenty!) With a new recipe every week, you’re gonna wanna come back.



Picture from: The Parenting Files

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