Instagram and mobile photography workshop

Friducation guest speaker series
Kal Mokhtarzada
Artist, Designer, Photographer, and Entrepreneur



Pixel Dreams HQ
49 Spadina Avenue, Studio 204
Toronto, M5V 2Ji


3:30pm: Photography and app demonstration
4:00pm: Q&A  and sharing session
5:00pm: An episode of Star Trek – The Original Series

About our presenter

Kal Mokhtarzada
Kal is the founder and captain of Pixel Dreams, a creative agency based in Toronto, Canada specializing in Culture, Branding, and Design. Clients trust Khalid to deliver intelligent and simple solutions to their branding and marketing needs. He is an ambitious entrepreneur, his first start-up at the age of 19 (Critical Mass Media – 1999), was a fresh design and animation studio. 
He is a life long learner, avid Star Trek fan, enjoys kung-fu movies, and is a die-hard believer in process. Kal’s philosophy on business is that transparency, integrity and organizational health are the key metrics determining an organization’s success or failure.

Kal has consulted countless organizations (established and start-ups) in branding, marketing, process, increasing positive team dynamics, and improving organizational health.

Kal is a proud husband, and father of one son: Philo Sayf Tai Le Mokhtarzada, born 2011.

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