PD Team Getaway

Friday May 10

On Friday May 10, 2013 the Pixel Dreams team would embark on a journey that would forever change them not only as people, but also as a company. The team knew that they would be leaving the city for the weekend, this much is true. But what they didn’t know was that there final destination for the weekend could only be summed up by one word: Sanctuary. The impact this venture would have on the team would stay with them forever…

Eager for a change of scenery, the team looked to escape the sirens and train echoes of the city. It was important that the PD Team get away, a wise man once said, “sometimes you have to just step away from the computer and go for a walk.” The goal for the team getaway was to do just that, step away from it all, and immerse themselves into a fresh new environment where they could assess everything that they had gone through personally and professionally in the last year. From personal struggles & triumphs – to – professional dreams & goals, the team would open up to each other and learn more about the people they sit beside 5 days a week.

The team, filled with excitement, packed themselves into the PD mobile, and set warp speed to the small quaint town of Jordan.

As the team approached Jordan, PD Captain (Khalid) shared with the team a small town he had stumbled upon a few years ago while taking the scenic route back from Niagara. The PD members got out and stretched their limbs and took in the oh so pleasant aroma of nature that you can only find outside of the city. They even squeezed in a wine tasting at Cave Spring Vineyard. After sipping on some of Niagara’s finest wines, they continued to explore what else this charming township had to offer. Each shop greeted you with a friendly smile, and warm welcome. It was a beautiful transition of pace from Toronto. Once the team had picked out their souvenirs that would act as keep sakes in which they would remember and cherish this moment, they said “au revoir” to the place they felt so fortunate to have experienced. They got back in the car and headed to their final destination, Squirrel House, where they would be spending the rest of their weekend getaway.

As the team pulled into Squirrel House, gasps could be heard throughout the car. It was quite obvious that everyone had been taken a back by the automatic impact this picturesque piece of land had offered up as it’s first impression. It was like the team had been thrown into a beautiful painting. The colour palette on display was vibrant, the smell was intoxicating, and the charm was that of a different time period. A simpler time…

The team in awe of the beauty they had just encountered, slowly made their way out of the vehicle and approached the house, only to be met again with a warm welcome from the owners, Ron and Elisabeth. The Pixel Dreams team felt at home immediately. Elisabeth was kind enough to show the team around the grounds and what would be their humble abode for the next couple of days.

After getting the full tour, the team unpacked the car and settled into their new digs for the weekend. They had a lot of ground to cover this weekend, so they kept their eye on the prize, and got down to business.

The weekend’s itinerary:

Discussion Topics

  • Personal & professional
  • PD Financials
  • Projects
  • Leads
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Discussing the future


  • BBQ
  • Star Trek Episodes and movies
  • Dance
  • Relax

As the weekend came to an end, the team had successfully covered everything they needed to and some. They had grown even closer not only as a team, but a family. It was hard to leave this “sanctuary” they call Squirrel House, but the team was refreshed and excited to share this experience with the rest of their loved ones and friends. The getaway had more than served it’s purpose. It had made an impact.

Special thanks:

Ron and Elisabeth (Squirrel House owners)

We couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful place. Thank you for making us feel so welcomed!

Lannie Le (Pixel Dreams Creative Director)

Our chef for the weekend, your meals were delicious!

Pixel Dreams Team

The History of Squirrel House:

“The restoration of this historic house and barn circa 1850 took place over years. The original property was a run down farmhouse, a dilapidated barn on it’s last legs, set in an orchard sadly at the end of it’s life. Slowly the steps were taken to restore the buildings all the while trying to respect the beauty of the old floorboards and existing wooden structure. This barn has been lovingly restored possibly like few others.

The garden started as a little relief from daily stresses of work and restoration. Working with plants was soothing…you might say it is Mother Nature’s tranquilizer. Working in an instinctive way the garden evolved slowly over time to what it is today. At times, tiring, but all of it a labour of love.”

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