Justine’s 2013 Surprise Birthday Party

It’s that very special time of year for Pixel Dreams’ Design & Strategy Cosmic Super-Heroine, the talented and beautiful Justine.

Brought to you by Aaron Gaistman of Toronto Sound, Pierre Monké and the PDT, we welcome you to join us in our celebration. This time many years ago, minus 9 months, two very special people did something, well, special, and now we have Justine. Yay for science and space and cool stuff!

BYOB/C – Donations are welcomed with big monkey smile! Pierre Monke


Date: Friday, Feb 01

3:30pm: Episode of Star Trek TNG
4:30pm: Keep-up and dancing
5:00pm: Drinks, smokes, cake cutting and celebration
8:00pm: Midnight MRKT at Space Bar / 461 King West

[ This event is closed. 🙂 ]


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