What is Keep-Up?

Keep-Up is a game of wits, talent and teamwork. It’s played with a ball, and your feet. Heads, shoulders, chest and knees are allowed. Hands are not, butts are bonus. Traditionally played with a soccer-ball, but any ball will do. We don’t recommend baseballs, basketballs, and North American footballs.

A few simple rules

  • Goal is to keep the ball up, every “up” equals a point.
  • Set the number of points to achieve at the beginning of the game.
  • Every person that plays has to touch the ball at least once.
  • Remember: No hands allowed (Lannie)!

There are many ways to play. Our few favourite below:

  • One bounce only
  • One bounce only, but subtract one point
  • No bounces
  • No bounces, only head-butts

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