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Friday July 20 |

A few weeks ago PD was asked to participate in a group art show called Life Serial from July 18-29 at the Propeller Center for the Visual Arts (984 Queen St. W)

In what some call “today’s climate of economic fear and political loathing” – people are glued to their televisions more than ever before.

Ask anyone over the age of 50 and they’ll tell you that they just don’t make television like they used to. Since the 50’s, sitcoms and other serialized TV shows have become synonymous with the cultural and social landscapes in which they were produced, as well as for generations that have grown up watching them.

With the ever-present recession etched into our collective psyches, there is something almost comforting about the escapist quality captured through the glossy artifice of television. “When the real news is all doom and gloom, the dive to comedy and escapism is almost a reflex”(Denis McGrath).

For the purpose of this exhibition, Propeller has gathered together a group of artists presenting works inspired by the TV shows we grew up with, from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and onwards. Exploring the impact they have left with us, whether critical, self-indulgent, satirical, or nostalgic.

Laugh track not included….

As some of you may know, Pixel Dreams enjoys doing arts and crafts on the side. So we took this opportunity to create an official Pixel Dreams Team logo aka PDT…


Here are the pieces that were created by the ‘official’ PDT (Pixel Dreams Team):


Men’s Products

The Love Boat

Not Today – An Autobiography

The show was fantastic and PDT got to meet a lot of great artists that were part of Life Serial. Unfortunately we weren’t able to meet the anonymous artist who created this piece (a personal favourite of mine) called, “Soup Nazi”

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