Chain of Command: Part One

Friday April 13 |

Title: Chain of Command: Part One
Season: 6
Episode: 10

Captain Picard, Lt. Worf, and Dr. Crusher are assigned by Starfleet on an covert mission to destroy a Cardassian biological weapons installation on Celtris III, a Cardassian border world. In Picard’s place, Starfleet assigns Captain Edward Jellico(played by Ronny Cox), who exhibits a vastly different style of command and decorum to the Enterprise crew, particularly to Commander Riker. Under Jellico’s command, the Enterprise patrols the border near Minos Korva, a tactically-significant Federation planet, and holds negotiations as to the fate of the planet with Cardassian representatives.

After intense training in the holodeck, Picard, Worf, and Crusher discreetly arrive on Celtris III and infiltrate the installation. They find no signs of biological weapons, and soon discover their information was a Cardassian trap designed to capture Picard. Worf and Crusher escape, but Picard is taken to an interrogator, Gul Madred (David Warner).

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