Yoga with Pixels

Friday March 9 |

Design is our focus at Pixel Dreams. What better to design than ourselves? As part of our duty to continuously design the lives that we envision, health is amongst the upmost important areas we focus to continuously improve on. Which is why, this Friday we took the time out to do a little bit of yoga in the studio. Well, more than a little bit; a grueling 1.5 hours of hot yummy yoga. Leading the session was one of our very own, Anna Cipollone, copywriter. After our yoga session, we relaxed, ate some old fashion Vietnamese sandwiches, and watched a few episodes of Star Trek Next Generation.

Another great Friducation, this week brought to you by Anna Cipollone, Vietnam and their tasty sandwiches, and the omnipotent Q.

We look forward to many more yoga sessions with Anna. Until then, live long and prosper!

Episodes this week:
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