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Title: Datalore
Season: 1
Episode: 14

On stardate 41242.4, the USS Enterprise stops by the planet Omicron Theta while on her way to Starbase Armus IX for computer maintenance. The site of a vanished farming colony, the planet was where the Tripoli originally found the android Data. On the planet, an away team finds that what was reported as farmland now looks like barren rock with no trace of life in the soil. Amid other indicators that something terrible has happened to the colony, the team also finds the lab in which Dr. Noonien Soong, a formerly prominent robotics designer, built Data. Data finds various android parts and takes them back to the Enterprise. via Wikipedia

Questions inspired by the episode:

  • Does duty to family supersede duty to one’s morals?
  • Are inherently ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ people just malfunctioning (sick)?

“Number One, have you ever considered whether Data is more human or less human than we want?”
“I only wish we were all as well-balanced, sir.”

– Jean Luc Picard and William Riker

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